TEXPEN® textile marker

  • TEXPEN® textile marker
  • TEXPEN® textile marker
  • Colour:
    Packaging unit: 12 pcs. 
    Thickness (mm): 3 | 1.5 

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Packaging unit: 12 pcs. 
Thickness (mm): 3 | 1.5 

The Texpen® allows excellent marking of all textiles. The marking covers well and is conspicuous - able to withstand washing and boil washes up to 250°C. You can achieve a ideal, even application of the paint thanks to the unique compressed air mechanism. The ball in the marking head is made from durable stainless steel.

Label textiles with the following advantages:

  • Clean, easily legible marking on all textiles
  • Abrasion resistant and able to withstand boil washing
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Writes at any angle (even overhead)
  • Dispensing rate can be adjusted via the pump
  • Practical to store


Actuate the pump at the rear end of the marker to create the desired pressure. In this way you can label almost any textiles at any angle.