• Markal PAINTSTICK® B
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Packaging unit: 12 pcs. 

Crayon with dry colourant. The industrial marker is available in many variants and for a great variety of applications. e.g. PAINTSTIK® B® for steelworks, the steel trade and steel fabrication, PAINTSTIK® P® for labelling before galvanising or PAINTSTIK® H® for marking hot surfaces.

The industrial marker for steelworks, the steel trade, steel fabrication, shipbuilding, civil engineering and mining industries. The marker is suitable for the colour-coding and identification of almost all surfaces - even for oily, rough, rusty, wet or dirty surfaces. Water and UV resistant. Suitable for many materials e.g: Metal, concrete, asphalt, rubber, wood and glass.



  • PAINTSTIK® B® for marking metal and steel
  • PAINTSTIK® B-E® As B® but softer and particularly well suited for the marking of rough surfaces such as cast iron, wood or concrete.
  • PAINTSTIK® M® For marking before heat treatment (heat resistant up to 870°C). Water and oil resistant
  • PAINTSTIK® C® Specially for the marking of smooth surfaces, e.g. sheet metal, glass or plastic
  • PAINTSTIK® F® fluorescent crayon. Very high visibility marking even in twilight conditions or in the dark. Suitable for almost all surfaces.
  • PAINTSTIK® FAST DRY® Dries in just 5 minutes. Suitable for metal, concrete, rubber and many other materials
  • PAINTSTIK® P® Special marker for marking before galvanising. The marking is dissolved in the galvanising bath and without leaving any traces.
  • PAINTSTIK® Zephyr® Ideal for the temporary marking of glass. The marker is particularly well suited to the marking of vehicle windscreens and can be easily removed by wiping with a damp cloth.
  • PAINTSTIK® J® For warm material (49°C to 316 °C)
  • PAINTSTIK® H® (up to 593°C) HT® (up to 871°C) and marker for marking hot surfaces, e.g. slabs, plates, strings and billets, freshly galvanised rubber or hot glass.
  • PAINTSTIK® K® (982°C to 1204°C) Special marker for the marking of hot surfaces. The paint does not burn and will not flake off after cooling. Ideal for steel production, reforming and rolling industry, cast parts and forgings.





  • Holders for Paintstiks®
  • Holder 111 for HT and H made from metal
  • Holder 102 for K
  • Holder 100 for HT and H made from wood