Etching-Set GG3000 Professional

  • Etching-Set GG3000 Professional
  • Etching-Set GG3000 Professional
  • Etching-Set GG3000 Professional
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 Electrolytic marking process:

The GIMA etching process is a manual marking process for permanent labelling of steel, stainless steel, hard metals, titanium, chrome, raw aluminium, non-ferrous metals and almost any electrically conductive metals, without deformation, for small or medium series production runs.

Would you like to permanently and cleanly mark metallic workpieces without deforming them? Our GG3000 marking device offers you a practical and, at the same time, economic solution for this.

Using the electrolytic marking system, you can mark metallic parts quickly, easily and permanently, regardless of their size and shape.

Technical Data:

230 V, AC/DC, 40 VA, 50-60 Hz, 0,2 A

  • GG3000 marking device in wooden box with handle
  • Mains cable
  • Manual graphite stamp (20 mm)
  • Contact plate made from V4A, 170x100mm
  • Felt roll 2 m
  • Electrolyte EH01 for steel and stainless steel - 100 ml
  • NEUTRALIX (cleaner) - 100 ml
  • Manual graphite stamp
  • Contact workplate made from V4A
  • Connection cable
  • Marking felt roll
  • Electrolyte
  • Stencil printer
  • Stencil cartridges
  • Stencils for serial work (e.g. logos, special characters, scales)
  • Porcelain dish for the electrolyte

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