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GIMA has been offering solutions for the most varied of marking tasks for almost 20 years. We would be delighted to advise you with the selection of the correct process and to show you the most suitable solutions.

We offer you a wide selection of solutions for industrial marking. Our range stretches from simple manual marking tools through to automatic systems for serial identification and production lines.

The solutions from GIMA:

  • Can be operated by anyone, without any prior knowledge
  • Offer the best quality with high throughput rates
  • Are efficient with equipping times and costs

Industrial marking – from simple pens to lasers

Our speciality is devices for marking in the metal-working industry. From simple pens for metals through to pneumatic stamping presses, we offer a complete spectrum of marking options for every type of metal surface.

We offer the following processes:

Embossing: The marking is implemented, for example, by stamping an embossed mark into the surface, that means: The text remains as a depression in the metal. Here you can find the complete product overview for the product area : Embossing

Printing and lettering: The marking is implemented with paint or ink applied to the metal, with a marker or a rubber stamp for example. All products from this area can be found in the online catalogue in the : Printing and Lettering areas.

Etching: The marking is etched into the surface through an electro-chemical (electrolytic) process. All etching pens and other products can be seen here: Etching

Laser marking: The marking is implemented through heating the surface. Mobile laser devices from GIMA in the area: Laser marking

Personal advice

Whether by telephone or with you on-site - we would be delighted to answer your questions about industrial marking and show you suitable solutions for your marking requirements:

  • Friendly, fast and competent
  • Advice provided on-site in your company at any time, after arranging an appointment by telephone - +49 2202 28528-0

Rapid delivery

We hold our products in sufficient stock quantities and ship daily:

  • Shipping with DPD, GLS or FedEx
  • Short delivery times

Top quality

We test all products carefully and faulty products are removed immediately.

  • Quality control
  • Over 20 years of experience in industrial marking
  • Innovative solutions
  • Product samples, free of charge