Numberer stamping tool

  • Numberer stamping tool
  • Numberer stamping tool
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The manual stamping tool is the ideal solution for precise manual stamping of numerals and letters. You have a free selection of 2 to 10 characters, from 2 to 10 mm typeface height. The sturdy design with impact cap, base frame, hand protection and iron shaft guarantees reliable operation.



  • With impact cap
  • Pin locking for simple manual adjustment
  • Well proven in machinery construction, the steel trade, steelworks, shipyards
  • Embossing tool equipped with visible engraving so that the embossed text selected can be easily read
  • 4 sizes depending on typeface height
  • 2 to 10 characters
  • With 10 engraving characters (e.g. 0-9 and blank character) or with 13 engraving characters (e.g. 0-9 and+,-,/)
  • With numerals and, if desired: Letters and special characters
  • Typeface height: 2 mm to 12 mm
  • Typeface per DIN 1451



Special typefaces on request: Reverse engraving, lower case letters, 2D engraving, dot-face characters, distinctive lettering. The manual embossing tools can be supplied with frames to centre the punch on round or flat parts, with hand protection or with iron shaft.